The Ambridge Socialist: did Titchener murder Stefan?

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Did Titchener murder Stefan?


After a poll of Ambridge Socialist readers found that 82% believed that Rob Titchener had, in a place and by methods as yet unknown, murdered Lynda Snell’s dog Scruff further concerns have arisen.

These involve an even more important matter, the apparent disappearance of Berrow Farm worker Stefan, shortly after the 2015 Great Flood of Ambridge.

Stefan was aware that then Berrow Farm manager Rob Titchener had blocked a culvert with plastic and metal to make sure that in the event of a flood the estate would not be impacted.

A flood did occur and it was Ambridge that flooded not Berrow Farm. Freda Fry died and considerable damage to property and farming land took place.

Stefan had alerted David Archer of issues around the flood but almost immediately afterwards became unavailable. Titchener claimed that there was a family crisis and only he, Titchener, could talk to Stefan.

What happened to Stefan is unknown. There are two key options:

Titchener murdered Stefan because he knew too much and his body is buried somewhere in Ambridge

Titchener threatened Stefan with his life and he left for abroad

It is not thought that the Berrow Farm boss Charlie Thomas was aware of these events but he is believed to be in Scotland and is a key witness.

The Ambridge Socialist believes that in the light of recent events the Borsetshire Police must urgently seek to establish the whereabouts of Stefan and whether he is still alive




12 Responses to “The Ambridge Socialist: did Titchener murder Stefan?”

  1. Titchknob threatened Stefan and fired him, so ?Stefan went home. I’d forgotten David knew something though. Can someone rattle that grey cell please?

  2. David knew because Stefan told him I think. But didn’t Charlie also know what happened or suspected?

  3. And didn’t one of the Grundys (Ed I think) take a photo of Rob doing some suspicious clearing up after the event but subsequently lose his phone with the photos on it?
    Or did I dream that?

    I cannot listen to The Archers again until I know he has gone and please let Helen either give up on men or let her find a good one+ maybe Pat and Tony could become a bit brighter!!!!!!

  5. Bring back Stefan as a witness – he can reveal what sort of a man Rob really is and with any luck, he could be prosecuted for manslaughter and for causing the whole flood.

  6. Did they ever decide for definite that it was a dead dog in the silage?

  7. I’m just waiting for Ursula to have a breakdown and admit what a dreadful life she’s had, ruled by manipulative control freaks husband and son and how cruel they were to both people and animals!

  8. And I’m waiting for Mr. T to cause some sort of damage to dear little Henry!

  9. Stefan, Charlie, the hunt saboteur ….. come on put your heads above the proverbial parapet! And Jess, please have second thoughts.

  10. He’s back and wants money.

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