Craft beer beyond the ‘hipster zone’

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Craft beer beyond the ‘hipster zone’


I’ve been looking at the listings for London Beer City which runs alongside the Great British Beer Festival in the Capital every year now. It becomes a more impressive event each time (I’ll blog about it later in the week).

It underlines that in most parts of London the supply of craft beer, cask, keg, bottle can etc, continues to grow.

What though of elsewhere? I have identified some barriers to the growth of craft beer in the UK- particularly keg. The number of bars selling the kind of craft keg beers you can routinely find in London is more limited in many other places. The limitations arguably revolve around price and a pint drinking culture that isn’t keen on thirds, halves and two-thirds.

However, some qualified good news. While such beer is hardly gaining a mass market I’d say interest is growing and the range of beers available and mostly not seen in London is also increasing.

Spending several days in Wales at my Cardiff address I took the opportunity with Megan Davies to sample..

First was a French cheese night at what is in effect the Otley brewery tap, the Bunch of Grapes in Pontypridd. The cheese was in honour of the pub’s excellent chef who has moved on to work at Cardiff jail (there is a well-regarded restaurant there staffed by prisoners).

The beer was also interesting, in particular Otley’s watermelon and lime sour (5.2%) and the latest version of their chocolate and beetroot stout. Both impressed.

The following day, having missed the initial day Megan and myself were at Tiny Rebel’s Urban Taphouse in central Cardiff for the Mad Dog brewery (Cwmbran) TT. I’ve haven’t seen this breweries beers in draught much and there was a good range of cask and keg. I think we both preferred (slightly) the keg with an APA, a Juniper IPA and a DIPA all being impressive.

By now we’d got to Saturday and it was off for a first visit to Cardiff brewery Crafty Devil’s brewery tap. It is not in fact that difficult to get to though unless you’re very local you might miss that until you’ve actually been. It is a relaxed venue (with sofas) and particularly enjoyable was a new apple and elderflower saison.

It’s what some bloke with a goatee beard called combined and uneven development. London, in part, may have led the way but others haven’t been slow to take up the challenge.



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