Tottenham 5 years on: trade unionists say things are not getting better quickly enough

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Haringey Trades Union Council

Contact (Secretary) Keith Flett 07803 167266

Media Release 4th August

Tottenham 5 years on: trade unionists say things must get better more quickly


Haringey TUC, the North London wing, of the TUC has said that 5 years after the Tottenham riot of August 2011 things in the area are getting better but not quickly enough.

While the riot expressed a deep sense of anger on justice and inequality after the police shooting of Mark Duggan-something that still exists- underwriting it was a high level of unemployment and a related lack of opportunity for people in the area.

Jobless figures in Tottenham are now considerably lower than five years ago at 3.2%. There are however two issues with this. The first is that this remains the highest figure in London. The second is that under a hardline DWP regime many people have been forced off benefits who should legitimately be receiving them.

The trade unionists say that the Government’s austerity programme has done nothing to help the area and while Haringey Council have developed a regeneration project this is both controversial locally with some and unlikely to produce significant economic benefits for a good while.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, we have said it consistently over the last 5 years and it remains the case. Tottenham needs public and private sector investment in jobs. Getting more people into well paid unemployment starts to address the inequality that still exists in the area. Justice starts with the dignity of decently paid labour.


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