The Ambridge Socialist: did Titchener murder Scruff?

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Did Titchener murder Scruff?


The Ambridge Socialist has had its key reporters on a breaking news stories this week. Lynda Snell’s dog was found dead on the day of the Ambridge fete on Sunday. The BBC reported that Scruff had died of natural causes.

Yet Scruff had only recently returned home after a prolonged absence following a disappearance in the 2015 Great Flood of Ambridge.

Initial thoughts were that Scruff had perished in the flood but always the figure of Rob Titchener loomed in the background.

One rumour was that Scruff had ‘seen too much’ during the Great Flood and Titchener had had the dog ‘disposed’ of.
But mysterious, if distant barkings were heard.

Titchener ‘resigned’ from his job as manager at the Mega-Dairy and not long after a decomposed dog was found in the diabolical converter. Many thought it was Scruff, placed there by Titchener.

Yet more recently a dog claiming to be Scruff re-appeared. Now it is dead.

There are several options:

Titchener did indeed murder Scruff during or shortly after the Great Flood and then, later, tried to dispose of the dog’s remains in the diabolical converter.

Titchener murdered Scruff elsewhere but to avoid suspicion released a very similar dog which found its way to Lynda Snell’s house where it, understandably, died.

Titchener or his agents actually murdered Scruff on Sunday.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, one way or another we think Rob Titchener is behind the demise of the dog. Scruff was the dog who knew too much


6 Responses to “The Ambridge Socialist: did Titchener murder Scruff?”

  1. Yes. Tichenor was dosing the dig with the tiny bits of arsenic he had left over from Helen’s tea

  2. Titchener knew that Scruff saw him kill Stefan and, Lassie-like, would lead someone to the body…..

  3. pathetic communist rubbish

    • It’s all part of a storyline and done in the best possible way. Radio 4 listeners do not confuse the story with the real world. We know what is real and true and what is fanciful imagination.

  4. Ho ho, what larks. Are you not aware of humour Reverand

  5. Dear Gillyflowerblog, I think the Reverand has a great sense of humour. Where is yours?

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