letters & poems in the Northern Star: why the latter & not the former?

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With August here I invariably aim to pursue a few research projects, which I don’t have time for during the rest of the year. The logic is simple. I don’t go on holiday (for an extended period anyway) during August but lots of other people do. Hence across the board my ‘incoming’ tends to decrease.

Often this doesn’t really work and major issues crop up to deflect my aim, but hope springs eternal. Either that or socialists are always dreamers as Paul Foot used to note.

Anyway I’m involved in a book about letter writing… and one thing I’m looking at it is whynorthernstar-standard

British Library

in what was the world’s first large circulation working class newspaper, the Chartist Northern Star, both correspondents and successive Editors preferred the form of poetry to letters.

The Star published poetry in every weekly issue, but letters were much less common. Mostly correspondents were noted with a very brief response rather than publication.

The issue I’m researching- via particularly looking through the digital version of the Northern Star (free on-line) is why the preference for poems above letters and when did it change.

Thoughts gratefully received and, where appropriate, credited.



3 Responses to “letters & poems in the Northern Star: why the latter & not the former?”

  1. Wikipedia says: “its letters page was host to lively debates on parliamentary reform”. So who’s right, you or Wikipedia??

  2. While I hesitate to disagree with Wiki the Northern Star is free on-line and the poems far outnumber the letters. That starts to change a little in the latr 1840s

  3. The Nottingham Post, formally the Nottingham Evening Post, still has a readers’ letters and poems page.

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