The Ambridge Socialist: is Owen Smith set to chair Ambridge Fete Committee?

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Owen Smith set to chair Ambridge Fete Committee?


The Ambridge Socialist is backing Team Fallon against Team Lynda in what has been described on the BBC as a ‘coup’ over arrangements for the Village Fete. Snell has stated that the coup leaders including Fallon and Kenton Archer may move on the Flower and Produce Show next.

The coup claim arose after there was opposition to the traditional appearance of the Edgely Morris Men at the Fete. Fallon and Kenton made a counter proposal of a Samba band to fit in with the Rio Olympics.

There were claims that the Samba band would be noisy in contrast to the gentle jingling of bells and whacking of sticks produced by the Morris Men.

The upshot was that Lynda Snell has, for the moment, resigned from the Fete Committee. A unity candidate may be the way forward but it remains unclear if Owen Smith has ever heard of the Archers or indeed if anyone in Ambridge has ever heard of him.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, Chair of the Ambridge Fete Committee seems like an ideal role for Owen Smith. However let’s be clear, we are Team Fallon.

Net closes on Titchener

It’s taken a while- far too long- but the net is closing at last on Titchener. We expect him to be barred from the Ambridge cricket team before long.

Ambridge cricket team win a game

Under the new captaincy of PC Burns the Ambridge cricket team have beaten Loxley Barrett by 3 runs. The fact that the captain had several of the opposing team arrested during the break of innings may have helped.




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