From Lord Salisbury to Nick Timothy: Tories & Beards

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From Lord Salisbury to Nick Timothy: Tories & Beards


The last Prime Minister with a beard was Lord Salisbury (left office in 1902) and he was a Tory. Unless you are a supporter of the Beard Liberation Front you may not be aware of that point, the Tories themselves don’t make much of it.

Indeed the Tories have been for many years the party par excellence of the clean shaven suit wearer. There have been honourable exceptions including the former MP for Uxbridge and Government Chief Whip John Randall who is a good friend of the BLF.

The Tories have not survived for so long and been in Office so frequently without an ability to note and adapt to changing times (within their overall framework of promoting a capitalist economy).

In recent times they have sprouted more facial hair until the hirsute Stephen Crabb became the first Tory Cabinet Minister with a beard for a century or so.

Mr Crabb is currently taking a rest from the political front line, prudently so, and it looked like the contest to replace the ever clean shaven David Cameron was going to see a renewed dip in the fortunes of the Tory beard.

That turned out to be not quite true.

Theresa May in winning the race to be Tory Prime Minister (she turned out to be the only runner in the end) then appointed as a joint Chief of Staff the magnificently bearded Nick Timothy.

The BLF does not concern itself directly with the detail of party politics (fascists and their sympathisers are beyond the pale) but Timothy’s political pedigree as described in a recent FT piece are quite interesting.

However it is the beard that speaks louder than words. Mr Timothy brings Beard Power to 10 Downing St for the first time for many years.

The Beard Liberation Front will be watching with interest.


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