As soon as this pub closes(the revolution starts)

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2016 by kmflett


I’ve started a new series of posts on the Culture Matters site about all matters to do with beer, drinking, the left and the labour movement.

A link to the first post is here:

Its a vast subject and I certainly wont be able to cover every aspect particularly as each post will bring new points from those reading it.

For example just yesterday I had a FB exchange with someone who was pondering the relationship between changing beer styles and the changing nature of work. With less heavy manual jobs around (arguably, though it may be that the nature of these jobs has changed rather than got significantly less) the kind of beer produced to replace the liquid lost, for example by a steel worker, during a days labour is in decline.

Anyway do have read and most particularly, comment


2 Responses to “As soon as this pub closes(the revolution starts)”

  1. Not surprised that given the present state of the left you see drunkenness as the only way out.

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