The Ambridge Socialist: Leadsom to be Minister for #thearchers

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Leadsom to be Minister for the Archers


The Ambridge Socialist has said it expects the newly appointed Minister at DEFRA, Andrea Leadsom, to pay an early visit to Ambridge to get a feel for the key issues that are motivating rural England post-Brexit.

While former Minister Michael Gove is a keen Archers listener and new Prime Minister Theresa May intervened on wider issues around the Helen Archer case earlier this year it is unknown if Leadsom is up to speed on events in Ambridge.

Leadsom is known to be pro fox-hunting which will cheer Borsetshire Hunt supremo Oliver Stirling as well as hunting fan Rob Titchener.

Her view on badgers, previously an obsession of DEFRA, is however unknown and she can expect significant lobbying from David Archer on this.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, Ambridge needs to hear from Ms Leadsom and I understand her CV already says that she has been writing scripts for the Archers for some years.

What the Daily Telegraph says

2) Lynda Snell’s long lost sister

Snell is everyone’s favourite busybody in Radio 4 soap The Archers, the type of person for whom the phrase ‘coo-eee!’ was invented. But we think she’s ready for a new storyline (her remembrance garden for the Queen’s 90th birthday having palled) and what better than her long-lost sister, played by Leadsom? Perfectly coiffed hair and a hint of snobbishness when it comes to motherhood equals a perfect fit for Ambridge.


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