All Our Yesterdays: Teach Yourself English with the Foreign Secretary

In Uncategorized on July 13, 2016 by kmflett

All Our Yesterdays: Teach yourself English with the Foreign Secretary


According to the Daily Telegraph Boris Johnson ‘thinks’ that people coming to Britain must be able to speak English. He actually said this in 2015 but why not recycle previous Johnson ‘thoughts’. After all that is what his Telegraph column is all about

Here is a brief guide to Johnson’s English

Tally Ho: I can see Cameron in the distance

Cripes: I’ve been found out again

I Say: precursor to Johnson ‘bon mot’

Bounder: see Michael Gove

Bullingdon: code for a fine British institution

Damn: see Cripes

Bother: see Damn and Cripes

My friends: see Bullingdon

A void within a vacuum: Liberal Democrats

Blurt: routine Johnson saying

Wiff-Waff: made up term

Piccaninnies: see watermelon smiles

Part-Kenyan: opponent of British imperialism (see also US President)

Europe: where Foreign Secretaries may go on holiday (expenses paid)




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