The Ambridge Socialist: Leadsom or May- who will Ambridge back?

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Leadsom or May: who will Ambridge back for Tory leader?

Not everyone in Ambridge is a Tory as the soaraway circulation figures of the Ambridge Socialist underline. But in our Editorial Offices we believe in staring reality in the face, and so we know that Ambridge does have a significant number of Tory supporters. That explains why Bufton Tufton continues to be elected as Borsetshire MP though some claim that he in fact died in 1981.

Who is backing who in the Tory leadership race? Ambridge Socialist reporters have been making inquiries

Theresa May

Brian Aldridge

Oliver Sterling

Caroline Bone

Justin Eliot

Andrea Leadsom

Rob Titchener

Kenton Archer

Susan Carter

What will be the impact of Brexit on Ambridge?

To be fair the Archers has not kept away from discussing the EU Referendum and Brexit (for and against) but now the vote is done the consequences of leaving the EU for Ambridge must be grappled with.

The subsidies which have kept the Archers and the Aldridges in the manner to which they are well accustomed must be, at the very least, under review. The issue will be whether the UK Government wants to continue with EU policies which were not specifically designed for UK farming.

The issue of casual and temporary labour from elsewhere in Europe to pick summer fruit may also be a concern, though not immediately. It seems doubtful that there is sufficient surplus labour in Borchester to easily replace these workers.

On a more personal level do Caroline and Oliver now want to live in Italy and Grey Gables when in Ambridge? And do they want to sell Bridge Farm with property prices likely to fall post-Brexit?

In other news

Titchener is being a devious sod again

The BBC is trying to undermine Anna Tregorran


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  1. 😂

  2. You are nearly as slow in responding to the news as the Socialist Worker website.

  3. Hardly see twitter. Im doubtful about responding to news before it happens..the above was posted on Sunday

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