Campaigners honoured late Robin Cook in 2003 for stance on Iraq War

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Campaigers honoured the late Robin Cook in 2003 for his stance on the Iraq War

The Beard Liberation Front has marked the publication of the Chilcot report by noting that in April 2003 it honoured the late Robin Cook with an award not just for his ethical politics but his ethical beard.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, the Award was part of the rather more serious side of the BLF and of course what has transpired since in Iraq leaves no room for humour at all

Part of the BBC report is below

Winning by a whisker
Michael Moore and Robin Cook

Sporting facial hair has its benefits

It may have cost him his Cabinet position, but Robin Cook’s anti-war stance has won him an unexpected accolade – the Beard of Spring Award.

The ginger-chinned ex-Commons leader shares the title with US satirist Michael Moore.

The pair won the top award after a poll of “hundreds of members” of the Beard Liberation Front (BLF) – an informal network of beard wearers.

BLF organiser Keith Flett says he believes the two men were singled out for speaking against the Iraq conflict – while sporting facial hair.

When he was in the Cabinet, his beard started disappearing – I don’t know if it was some weird beard disease
Keith Flett

Mr Cook was given special credit for the “renewed stature” of his beard since he resigned from the Cabinet in protest at the war.

Link to full article

BBC 17th April 2003


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