Andrea Leadsom & the modern class war

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Andrea Leadsom & the modern class war


You may have had a quick look here assuming that this is a piece about how right-wing Tory leadership contender Andrea Leadsom is, how she is really the UKIP candidate for the job and so on.

While I think these points are self evident this post is about something else. Namely why Leadsom is a candidate for the job at all.

Here is an extract from her Wiki entry:

Leadsom worked in the financial sector for BZW, Barclays Bank, where she was Financial Institutions Director from 1993 to 1997. In this role, she was given a “ringside seat” in the collapse of Barings Bank.[7] She went on to become managing director of De Putron Fund Management (DPFM) from 1997 to 1999. She was Head of Corporate Governance and a Senior Investment Officer at Invesco Perpetual from 1999 to 2009.

She became a Tory MP in 2010 (she had been a Councillor) and a Junior Minister in 2014.

Wiki is notorious for inaccuracy but let’s assume the above is broadly accurate. Clearly Ms Leadsom, while not having financial background (her degree is in Politics) had a very successful career as a very senior financial officer.

Generally the ruling class prefers its capable lieutenants in this area to stay doing the job (that is running capitalism) and let others provide the political framework in the Tory Party. Obviously this is a crude distillation of something that could take several books of theory, but I’d suggest the general point is correct.

So of a selection of modern leaders of the Tory Party David Cameron’s background was in PR, William Hague’s in McKinsey’s and Margaret Thatcher was an industrial chemist.

John Major was a bank executive but not at the level of seniority of Leadsom and anyway had pursued a political career more or less throughout.

Why Leadsom left her successful career to become a backbench MP is, I’d suggest a puzzle. It may simply have been that she had achieved success and sought a new role. It may also have been that she recognised that even in 2016 the number of women who are Chief Financial Officers at the top level is very limited and there was more chance of high office in politics.

Either way her background in the modern Tory Party is quite unusual and does pose some interesting questions about how the ruling class sees its political affairs being managed post-2008. Perhaps..

Update 6th July

While Ms Leadsom is clearly being promoted by UKIP (& perhaps UKIP entryists into the Tory Party, one wonders how they’d know in many cases) her CV and Wiki entry have been challenged for accuracy. A ‘colleague’ has suggested that she did not in fact manage anyone or have responsibility for any accounts in one of her substantive roles but was, to summarise, an office manager. If the ‘colleague’ was her boss that may be if interest. If they werent I’m not sure how they would actually know. Transparency and openess are virtues much promoted and very little practiced in such areas. Talking of which Ms Leadsom’s offshore tax affairs may be of interest




3 Responses to “Andrea Leadsom & the modern class war”

  1. Very clever analysis comrade

  2. All very interesting but misses the main point. The British ruling class (in its majority) wants to stay in the EU. It is looking for a way to achieve that. It took de Gaulle to negotiate Algerian independence, Nixon to get the US out of Vietnam. It will take a Brexiter to keep Britain in the EU. That is why Leadsom is being promoted, and it is my prediction that Leadsom will keep Britain in the EU. And since I shall probably be dead by the time the issue is decided I don’t care much if I’m wrong.

  3. Interesting point

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