The Ambridge Socialist: Anna Tregorran, ‘it’s happening again’ But what?

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Anna Tregorran: it’s happening again. But what?


According to the BBC Anna Tregorran’s performance at Helen’s custody hearing for Henry was less than superlative. She was later heard to exclaim that ‘it could be happening again’ but what?

Misreporting of her words by pro-Titchener BBC?

Text from Michael Gove?

Doubts about Jeremy Corbyn?

Gove finds The Archers ‘essential listening’

In May the Radio Times revealed that self-styled Justice Secretary and now contender for the Tory leadership Michael Gove had said that the Archers is ‘essential listening’ in the Gove household.

Gove’s apparent interest lies in gender based justice and how the prison system treats women with babies or small children. In reality it may well be that he is planning to offer Rob Titchener a key post in his new Cabinet should he become Tory leader and PM

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, one wonders if Boris Johnson may, given his current interest in cricket, fancy the job of captain of the Ambridge team now he has time on his hands? He can then reassure David and Ruth that Brexit is really all for the best…

Justice Ambridge Style

Josh Archer steals Neil’s hens. He has to apologise and agree to buy some new ones with a long term loan

Titchener.R  goes to Court to retain custody of Henry until Helen’s trial, but Jack remains with his mother


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