Teach Yourself Gove: Post Brexit, latest Update

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Teach Yourself Gove: Post Brexit, Latest Update

July 1st

Extremist: someone Mr Gove does not agree with [similar to an Enemy of Promise but more likely to have a beard]

Apology : See Blue Moon

Guardian : A London based paper with a ‘style guide’ [content not approved as Gove Speak]

Murdoch : A man of great intellect. Usage ‘you, sir, are a true Murdochian’

The Times : paper of record. Does not need a style guide

Daily Mail: not appropriate reading

Justice : see Judge Dread

Gover : Gove’s real name

EU : obstacle to Gover’s career

Boris : until 30th June next Prime Minister

David Cameron : used to be a friend of mine

Steel Industry : something that happens somewhere in Wales

Next Prime Minister: see Gover, or below

May: month before June

Plan: something to be worked out in the future

Theme song: Should I Stay or Should I Go


One Response to “Teach Yourself Gove: Post Brexit, latest Update”

  1. Gove will tear us apart.

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