The Ambridge Socialist: Brexit vote- Titchener claims he wants his village back

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The Ambridge Socialist 26th June

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Brexit Vote: Titchener claims he wants his village back


Following Thursday’s Brexit vote leading Ambridge Brexiter Titchener has reportedly seen in the village clothed only in a Union Jack demanding his village back. Ambridge Socialist reporters are investigating

Grundy’s get 3 month’s notice: the strange death of proletarian Ambridge?

Caroline and Oliver having returned from unexplained reasons from a lengthy sojourn in Italy have put Grange Farm up for sale and given the Grundy’s 3 months notice. It appears that on future jaunts to Ambridge they will stay at Grey Gables (which they own).

It looks like the strange death of proletarian Ambridge. For decades the Grundy’s have held the standard for working class pride in Ambridge (often denigrated by the BBC for doing so).

Now it looks like the Grundy’s will be split up and Joe Grundy may not make it through.

The Ambridge Socialist says: nationalise Grange Farm now

Have mass resignations hit Ambridge cricket team?

The Ambridge cricket team had to forfeit a match last weekend because they were unable to muster a team. The Ambridge Socialist wonders why. Could it be that the team has suffered mass resignations after Titchener.R MC’d at the recent single wicket competition?

In other news

Toby is still being an fwit

Hens. Also, more hens


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