Haringey trade unionists say Brexit must lead to renewed fight against austerity & racism

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Haringey Trades Union Council

Contact (Secretary) Keith Flett 07803 167266

Media Release 24th June

Haringey trade unionists say Brexit must lead to renewed fight against austerity and racism

EU Referendum

Election Results for Haringey

Here’s how Haringey voted in the EU Referendum 2016:

Number of votes % of total vote
Leave 25,855 24.3%
Remain 79,991 75.4%
  • Total electorate size: 150,098
  • Turnout: 106,032
  • Turnout as a percentage: 70.64%
  • Number of valid votes cast: 105,846
  • Number of spoilt ballots: 186
  • Spoilt ballots as a percentage: 0.17%

Haringey TUC, the North London wing, of the Trades Union Congress, has said that the decision in the 23rd June Referendum to narrowly vote to leave the EU must lead to renewed efforts to fight austerity and racism.

In Haringey 75.4% of voters backed ‘remain’ on a 70% turn-out and this reflected the view of local trade unions, where a majority backed remaining the EU but a significant minority from trade unions like the RMT and ASLEF were for leaving.

The trade unionists say that the battle against austerity- the Tottenham area of the Borough has some of the highest unemployment in London- and the fight against racism must now be the key priorities.

While most who backed ‘leave’ were not anti-immigrant those around Farage and UKIP often were.

Haringey TUC has echoed the call from the TUC nationally that in the period of uncertainty after the leave vote it is even more important for people in employment to be united in a trade union to allow them to act to protect their pay and conditions.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, the ‘leave’ campaign said that outside the EU there would be lots more to spend on the NHS. Farage has already back tracked on that but he is neither an MP or in Government. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove most certainly are however and the crisis at the North Middlesex hospital urgently needs funds to resolve it.



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