Cameron’s performance benchmark for the EU Referendum

In Uncategorized on June 23, 2016 by kmflett

EU Referendum: the benchmark for Cameron


Thanks to the efforts of those who don’t like Jeremy Corbyn very much we now know what a benchmark is for a leading politician when comparing electoral results.

Corbyn is criticised, contexts aside, if any election result achieved under his leadership is not at least the same as the last time the election was held.

So here is the benchmark for Cameron from the 1975 European Referendum:


Votes    %

Yes       17,378,581           67.23%

No         8,470,073           32.77%

Valid votes         25,848,654           99.79%

Invalid or blank votes    54,540   0.21%

Total votes         25,903,194           100.00%

Registered voters/turnout          40,084,594           64.62%

That is a 67% ‘remain’ vote on a 65% turn-out and that is the least Cameron needs to succeed or surely he will have under performed…


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