Cameron is back on the Greene King IPA

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Cameron is back on the Greene King IPA

David Cameron renewed his relationship with Greene King IPA last week when he visited the brewery in Bury St Edmunds as part of his ‘remain’ EU Referendum tour. The reaction of ‘leave’ campaigner and Greene King retailer Wetherspoon’s Tim Martin does not appear to have been recorded.

According to media reports Cameron toured the brewery to see how the beer is brewed.

Cameron’s previous rendezvous with Greene King was when he was pictured drinking a pint with Chinese leader President Xi at the Plough in Cadsden in October 2015.

When Greene King revealed results on December 2nd 2015 Chief Executive Rooney Anand revealed that the photo-opportunity had led to a surge in demand for Greene King IPA in China.

It seems that 50,000 cases of it headed on a boat to China in time for the Chinese New Year. It may be a while before hand-pumps appear but we can see the drift.

To be fair to Cameron (not words I often type) he does seem to enjoy a glass of cask beer and is sometimes pictured at events in his Constituency with a pint. Of course he drinks wine too and it could be that the beer is as much for show as Harold Wilson’s pipe was (he smoked cigars in private).

However if I had to nominate a current politician whose public drinking habits are out of touch with his private ones it’d be Farage. He is often pictured with a pint in hand but if you can stand to read the reports of the various luncheon interviews he gives to journalists you’ll note that while he starts with beer, it is never long before bottles of wine come in to play.

So perhaps for once Cameron, who after all in so far as he any professional abilities, has a background in PR, was involved in quite a smart if arguably too smart piece of politicking in visiting the GK brewery.


2 Responses to “Cameron is back on the Greene King IPA”

  1. Always nice to see comrades enjoying themselves – but I’m still waiting for Haringey Trades Council’s response to the crisis in the North Mid Accident and Emergency.

  2. There are a number of health campaigns in Haringey which Haringey TUC has a long standing involvement with that have commented on the situation at the North Mid. We are in touch with both Unison and BMA branches but Im not sure we have anything to add at the moment that would not simply repeat what has already been said.

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