The rise of hirsute golf

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Beard Liberation Front

press release                                                  20th June

Contact Keith Flett                                            07803 167266





The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that the conclusion to the 2016 US Open Golf which saw Dustin Johnson triumph in controversial circumstances after the earlier leader Shane Lowry dropped shots in the final round is a significant marker in the rise of hirsute golf.

The campaigners say that until recently golf was one of the most clean shaven sports with hirsute players a rarity.

However at the weekend not only did Johnson have a full beard so did Lowry who sported an organic beard compared to Johnson’s more styled facial hair.

The BLF says that the interaction between the beard, air currents and the golf club can be an important issue when it comes to the direction and speed of a drive or putt

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, golf was one of the last bastions of clean shaven sport and we are pleased to see that at last the importance of beard power is being grasped.


Beard Week 2016

Mon 27 June: Hirsute Personality 2016 announced: the hirsute person who has made the positive impact in public life during the year

Tues 28 June: Beard Friendly Sandwich 2016 announced: the sandwich where the mayo & salad doesn’t get caught in the beard

Wed 29 June: Hirsute Broadcaster 2016 announced: will there be a TV news reporter this year for the first time?

Thurs 30 June: Pogonophobe of the Year: we name the biggest beard hater of the year.

Fri 1 July: Beard Friendly Employer 2016 announced: are there more than ever to choose from?

Sat 2 July: Beard of Summer 2016 announced. The third of the four quarterly seasonal Awards leading up to Beard of the Year in December


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