The Ambridge Socialist: Caroline & Oliver return, but why?

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The Ambridge Socialist 19th June

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Caroline & Oliver return: but why?


If you had been enjoying a sojourn in Italy, would you return to Ambridge and if so, why?

The Ambridge Socialist Editorial Board have held a special meeting to consider this difficult problem. There are several possibilities:

The Ambridge climate

The Shires in the Bull

An urgent need to reacquaint yourself with Rob Titchener

The BBC have written you back into the script

23rd June: Titchener, in or out?

Millions are still undecided about how to vote in the EU Referendum on 23rd June because the BBC has failed to reveal which way unemployed dairy farmer and general psychopath Rob Titchener plans to cast his vote on the day.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, we’ve had an interesting exchange on the EU between Adam and David but as yet no word from Titchener. We must be told his voting intention

Ambridge Socialist backs Bert Fry’s garden

We aren’t always in accord with polls on the BBC Ambridge website but we do back the one this week that showed a big majority backing Bert Fry’s plebeian garden over Lynda Snell’s petty-bourgeois garden. When it comes to gardens, class matters.

Lillian and Justin

The question has been posed. Is it time for Lillian and Justin to get in the shower together while the BBC relays the results to the nation?

Thanks to Peter Budge

In other news

Toby is further underlining the Ambridge Socialist reader’s poll that he is a ‘tosser’



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