Beards, Ramadan & the market society

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Beard Liberation Front

research note 14th June


Ramadan the month of fasting observed by muslims across the world is underway. It ends in early July.

An article in the Economist (4th June) points out that in a market society Ramadan has also become big business for some retailers.

One area highlighted are beard oils, given as presents during Ramadan to those muslims who wear beards.

Disconcertingly for islamophobes the article points out the beard oils are sold to Hackney hipsters and muslims alike. Indeed, who knows, there may be some crossover between the two.

The Beard Liberation is not religious but is interested in all developments related to beards

my thanks to Simon Davies for the reference

The Economist 4th June

The London Beard Company was started by Abrar Mirza last year to exploit the fashion for the hipster beard in trendy parts of east London. He sells premium organic oils for grooming beards that appeal to Muslims and to customers of all faiths, hipster or not. Mr Mirza says that sales could triple over Ramadan and that about half of his customers are women buying his concoctions as gifts for their men


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