The times they are a changin’ on the South Wales beer industry

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The times they are a changin’ : on the South Wales beer industry


It would be no bad thing if events in South Wales in general were noticed a bit more often in London (hello Business Secretary Mr Javid) but some recent changes in the Welsh brewing trade certainly have been noticed.

I’ve spoken to several ‘craft’ brewers in London in the last period who have noted the decision of the Celt Experience in Caerphilly to cease brewing with immediate effect and the closure of the Waen Brewery related pub and bottle shop, the Gravity Station at its Barack Lane site in central Cardiff.

No, I don’t know the story behind either of these events and as a union officer I spend too much time already telling people I’ll listen to their rumour when they show me something in writing, to speculate.

There is however qualified good news. Celt have announced that they have sold their brands to James Buckley’s Evan Evans brewery in West (ish) Wales and production should be continuing. Owner of Celt Tom Newman is joining them as a technical advisor.

Meanwhile the Gravity Station have announced that they have re-opened at the Loft in the Full Moon club in Womanby St which is very close to the Urban Tap House.

Hopefully both will thrive. There is not so much good beer and good places in South Wales to drink it that we can afford to lose either.

Beyond that the continuing closure of pubs by the dominant South Wales brewer Brains, the latest being the very centrally located Westgate in Cardiff, is a matter for some concern. CAMRA has raised the  matter with Brains.

That however is a slightly different if related matter which I’ll post on further




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