The Ambridge Socialist: Route B- David Archer ‘we fought, we won’

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The Ambridge Socialist 12th June

CONTACT KEITH FLETT 07803 167266 the real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Berlin, Paris, Rome, Ambridge: we fought, we won. David Archer

They were celebrating in The Bull last Tuesday night after the decision to back Route C and not Route B for the new road in the area.

It will be a blow to Justin Eliott’s plans to industrialise Ambridge and finally clear out rural idiocy but in the meantime Archer made an impromptu speech in The Bull with the cry ‘we fought, we won’.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, it’s a victory for people power in Ambridge

Toby is a Tosser

We could write more but is it really needed?

Lillian begins a liaison with Justin

Lillian has been away for a weekend with Justin. This time unlike the unfortunately late Paul she is ready to fess up all to whoever asks. So she says anyway. As for Justin…..

In other news

Titchener wants to see Helen’s new baby, now called Jack, in prison. The Ambridge Socialist backs the plan. He can remain there while Helen and baby return to Ambridge.


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