The excitement of traditional beer?

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Beer bloggers and writers Boak and Bailey have an interesting post about whether there are still beers that get lovers of traditional beers excited in the way that, perhaps a new Cloudwater DIPA might for ‘craft’ beer lovers.

Questions and Answers: Which Beers Excite ‘Traddies’?

Tom Stainer of CAMRA makes the entirely reasonable point that many drinkers will cover both.

Even so I served my time (more than a traditional life sentence by far in fact) drinking traditional draught beer.

There are still some I’d go out of my way for, with Bathams being at the top of the list. It is rarely seen outside a specific areas of the Midlands. It is also the beer that the original Beavertown Neck Oil is said to be based on.

Others that I used to try when see them I find are no longer fully to my taste. I had a glass of Sarah Hughes ruby mild a few weeks back and found it too sweet for my palate now.

I think the traditionally brewed beers I most look out for now, and ones which might get me making a special trip, are twofold.

Firstly brewery re-creations of historic beers from their recipe book. Fullers do this quite a bit for example.

Secondly cask versions of craft beers that are nearly always only seen on keg.

For example the Beavertown pop up at the BeerKatPub in Holloway Rd had (or has) the blood orange ipa Bloody ‘Ell on cask. Not sure actually if it is quite as good as the keg but it was definitely worth a visit to try it.




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