Seminar on 1975 Europe Referendum: ‘are you voting for a communist take over?’

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On 5th June 1975 Britain voted in its first ever Referendum on whether to stay in the Common Market on terms renegotiated by Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson or leave.

On 26th April 1975 a Labour Party Special Conference in Islington had voted by 3.7m votes to 1.7m votes to support a leave position.

The following day Ted Heath, the former Tory leader who had recently been replaced by Margaret Thatcher, wrote in the Sunday Express ‘are you voting for a Communist take over?’. He had in mind Tony Benn, who noted in his Diary that while he thought this was libelous he would not pursue it.

Monday 6th June 5.30pm Room 304 Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet St, London WC1, London Socialist Historians Convenor Keith Flett reviews the history of the 1975 Referendum campaign and its longer term historical impact

Free, all welcome


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