The Ambridge Socialist: cricket club set to recruit new star

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The Ambridge Socialist 31st May
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After Titchener’s indisposition Ambridge cricket club set to recruit new star player


Rob Titchener was indisposed and unable to cheat his way to victory at this year’s Ambridge single wicket competition. Victory went instead to Jonny Phillips, a rising star of the team.

Titchener had inserted himself as MC and tried to claim credit for Jonny’s victory, as he had coached him in the nets in 2015. Jonny by contrast gave thanks in his victory speech to Tom Archer.

However, be that it as it may, as Kenton Archer noted, the Ambridge team is short of players and a new man may be on the way: Boris Johnson.

Johnson was pictured displaying his rudimentary bowling skills on Monday but there is no doubt that he will bring star quality to the Ambridge team and is expected to be available full time from late June.

In other news
After achieving his 10,000th Test run England captain Alastair Cook who has a farming background is believed to be considering a one-off guest appearance for Ambridge Cricket Club


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