The proto (Spaghetti Western) beard & the scruffy beard: a guide

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Proto-beard (Clint Eastwood)           ‘Scruffy’ Stuart Broad (Getty)

Following confusion on the BBC’s Test Match Special broadcast on Bank Holiday Monday the Beard Liberation Front has provided clarification on beard styles.

There is no ‘correct’ beard style but a vast range from the chin beard (Abraham Lincoln) to the organic beard (Brian Blessed).

In respect of the current England cricket team players like Alex Hales and Chris Woakes have proto-beards. These are often known as Spaghetti Western beards after Clint Eastwood’s just beyond stubble style in the late 1960’s genre films.

Shaving companies now sell devices which will give a proto-beard appearance.

By contrast, at the moment, Stuart Broad’s beard does meet the definition of Jonathan Agnew as ‘scruffy’. It appears to have developed without intervention is not organic or hipster in style.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, beards should be smart but beyond that anything goes



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