The Ambridge Socialist: In defence of the real Rob Titchener

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The Ambridge Socialist 29th May

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In defence of the real Rob Titchener


Aside from any remaining supporters of the self-styled ‘Archers Anarchists’ everyone else knows that the Archers is not really real. Of course it depicts real life events but those doing so are actors.

The Ambridge Socialist can say therefore that it is time to defend the real Rob Titchener, actor Timothy Watson. Mr Watson is a trade unionist, a member of Equity. He has been speaking to the union magazine where he notes that while the ‘vast majority’ understand that he is an actor, on occasion, like the man he met recently in his local pub who refused to shake his hand, there is some confusion.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett, we stand by the real Rob Titchener although I should underline that in our view David Archer really did murder Nigel Pargetter for real

It’s official, Helen’s baby is called Keir Titchener

Although Chancellor George Osborne does represent a partly rural constituency there is no evidence that he listens to the Archers. The BBC’s gesture in naming Helen Archer’s new baby boy ‘Gideon’ was a wasted one therefore. Not even the Daily Telegraph was prepared to notice it. An Ambridge Socialist poll of readers showed very clearly that the preferred popular name for the new baby is Keir, with Jeremy a second preference. Gideon scored 5% of the poll.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, of course as Helen bought the baby into the world she should really be the person who determines the name. A way to go in this respect unfortunately.

In other news

An elfish toilet has been spotted but Brian Aldridge is concerned about the proliferation of elfs

David has been clearing out the silage at Bridge Farm

ACAS may be called in for peace talks between Tom and Jazzer (more on this next week)



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  1. I have never read so much crap in my life. I have been listening to The Archers since 1951, and can confirm that it is real.

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