Campaigners give Corbyn new ‘sustainability’ honour to mark birthday

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Beard Liberation Front

26th May

Media Release, contact Keith Flett 07803 167266


Campaigners give Corbyn new ‘sustainability’ honour to mark birthday

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers that campaigns against beardism, prejudice against the hirsute, has said that to mark Labour leader’s Jeremy Corbyn 67th birthday on 26th May it has awarded him a rare Hirsute Sustainability Award.

The campaigners say that unlike Lord Mandelson and Ken Livingstone who shaved off their moustaches and Alistair Darling who misplaced an entire beard, Corbyn has shown that his beard is a sustainable part of his political activity from 1974 when he was first elected a Haringey Councillor to now as Leader of the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn has won the Parliamentary Beard of the Year Award a record sixth time and the Sustainability Award points to that achievement

Beard Liberation Front organiser Keith Flett said, Mr Corbyn is a hirsute icon and we hope he and his beard are having a happy birthday.


Guide to growing a Jeremy Corbyn style beard

1 Do not shave and recycle all shaving equipment immediately

2 The Corbyn organic beard is organic not styled or ‘hipster’. Allow facial hair to develop over a 7-10 day period

3 Wash the facial hair every day and purge any split ends

4 An organic beard grows naturally so do not trim at this stage

5 After 10 days judicious and occasional trimming may be employed. There is a fine balance between a beard that is stylish and one that is genuinely organic

6 Under trimming is better than over trimming. Over trimming may lead to being accidentally labelled a Blairite clean shaven revisionist


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