Chelsea Flower show: campaigners back Corbyn on allotments

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The Socialist Gardener

Press Release        23rd May contact Keith Flett 07803 167266



The Socialist Gardener, the occasional organ of socialist gardeners, has urged people to avoid the Chelsea Flower Show, describing it as tending too much towards a celebration of gardening for the wealthy rather than developing interest in matters horticultural.

Instead it suggests instead that people focus on allotments, and growing their own vegetables as a practical way to overcome austerity

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has provoked new interest in allotments as the Labour leader has long had one in North London.

While the Chelsea Flower Show raises money for charity and showcases some important developments in horticulture, the campaigners say that it remains to a significant degree part of the London social season for the haves rather than the have nots.

The campaigners say the fact that Rupert Murdoch attended the pre-opening events in 2016 underlines the point

Editor of the Socialist Gardener Keith Flett said, ‘The RHS does useful work around the UK but at Chelsea gardening can be a way for those who still have any money after 5 years of austerity to show off. A day ticket for an ordinary member of the public now costs £100.

He continued, meanwhile public parks are being neglected and spending on them drastically cut back. It’s time for a move towards people’s gardening. We say tax the rich gardeners and use the money for parks and allotments.

The 2016 Manifesto for a Socialist Garden

We demand that the new Government launches a massive programme of investment in public parks and provision for allotments so that all may enjoy the pleasure of gardens and gardening

We believe in the right to roam over the gardens of the rich

We support the nationalisation of the land and the creation of public parks and gardens as a matter of priority

We believe that real gardeners should eschew the use of garden centres. If you need a new plant, simply liberate it from the garden of a wealthy neighbour.

We support the hop family as the ultimate in grass roots garden plants


2 Responses to “Chelsea Flower show: campaigners back Corbyn on allotments”

  1. We’re using our strickly-1-year-only RHS membership to go not-quite-as-‘spensively to Chelsea this year. Glad Roopert’s going. Probly going to pass on a load of his newspapers. All garden plots need shit forking into them to flourish!

  2. Garden centres are much more upmarket than nurseries. These usually sell young plants and plants not in full flower-this is usually a bad sign as the plant is nearly over. Anywhere that sells more pots than plants is suspect. \I have had a good go at filling my garden by admiring other gardens. In return for the admiration I get cuttings
    And I have a friend with 17 chickens. Thars a lot of chicken shit, and she gives some to me

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