The Ambridge Socialist: Solidarity with Helen

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The Ambridge Socialist 22nd May

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92 year old shows solidarity with Helen


92 year old Peggoy Woolley has travelled with Tony Archer to be visit Helen in the mother and baby unit she has been moved to. Pat Archer havered over the matter and failed to fully confront Inspector Knacker over their backward (for Borsetshire) attitudes on the question. Peggy by contrast has offered solidarity to Helen for as long as she lives (which wont be long if Titchener is involved).

Should Michael Gove be banned from listening to the Archers?

The Ambridge Socialist has raised concerns that Justice Secretary Michael Gove is trying to undermine the newly found popularity of the Archers by telling the Radio Times that it is ‘essential listening’ in the Gove household.

Gove’s apparent interest lies in gender based justice and how the prison system treats women with babies or small children. In reality it may well be that he is planning to offer Rob Titchener a key post in the justice system.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, it would obviously be difficult to ban Gove from listening to the Archers, and alternative measures may need to be used to make him stop listening.

In Ambridge Socialist poll 75% back the idea of Gove opening the Ambridge fete

In other news

An elfish toilet has been spotted but Brian Aldridge is concerned about the proliferation of elf monuments in Ambridge

Eddie’s mushroom compost has made Lynda Snell’s hayfever worse



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