Tottenham tops League Table

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Haringey Trades Union Council

Press release 18th May contact Secretary, Keith Flett 07803 167266

Tottenham tops League Table


London jobless April 2016: source Nomis

Haringey Trades Council has said that employment figures for April 2016 released today show that Tottenham topped the League Table last month.

Before Spurs fans get too excited however the League Table in question was the London Jobless League which Tottenham has consistently topped since the current Government first came to Office in 2010.

The numbers without work in the Tottenham Parliamentary Constituency rose from 3,090 to 3,140 in April.

This represented the highest figure in London and the 3.2% unemployment rate was getting on for double the overall London rate of 1.8%

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, the human cost of unemployment in the area being well above average is considerable. There is dignity in labour and a good deal of misery particularly under the present Government’s welfare policies without it.

He continued, we know the Council is taking what steps it can to create new jobs in the area, mixed with ideological Government austerity measures leading to fewer public sector jobs. The reality is however that until the Chancellor changes his economic ways the situation is not going to improve anywhere near quickly enough.








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  1. I’ve just been reading the new biography of Victor Grayson. He demanded a debate on unemployment, and when the Speaker threw him out, he yelled “traitors” and “murderers” at the Labour MPs who didn’t support him. Somehow I can’t see Corbyn doing anything like that.

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