The Ambridge Socialist: 55% say the Archers is more popular than Whittingdale

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The Ambridge Socialist 15th May

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55% say the Archers is more popular than John Whittingdale


The results of the Ambridge Socialist poll are in. 55% say that the Archers is far more popular than Tory Culture Secretary John Whittingdale. Whether the Archers passes his new test for the BBC Charter of ‘distinctive’ programming is unknown. It is however fair to say that people will still be listening to the Archers long after the current Culture Secretary has received his marching orders.

The diabolical converter is back

We haven’t heard news of the diabolical converter for a while but this week it was discussed by Justin and Brian. It seems the plan to turn hot air into lines for Archers characters is working well

In other news

The Things They Say

Ed is building elfish furniture. No we don’t know either

Caroline and Oliver are reported to be returning to Ambridge (if the BBC can afford their fees)

Jazzer has cooked the Professor a fry up


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