The Ambridge Socialist: is the Archers too popular?

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The Ambridge Socialist 8th May

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Is the Archers too popular?


The BBC has published the top conspiracy theories about Titchener’s provocative behaviour which resulted in him being stabbed by Helen. The Ambridge Socialist is not a fan of conspiracy theories which attribute events to mysterious and sometimes inexplicable occurrences rather than human action.

However we do believe that there may be some truth in a story circulating in The Bull (obviously not reported by the BBC) that Rob Titchener’s arrival in Ambridge and in particular his subsequent activities was at least in part in collusion with the man who is now Tory Culture and Media Secretary John Whittingdale.

Whittingdale is a long time BBC-phobic who after his appointment as Minister has taken responsibility for a review of the BBC’s activities. He subscribes to the view, oddly shared by James Murdoch, that the BBC is just too popular and that as a public service broadcaster it should not be competing with private media operators like, er, Sky.

Titchener of course has seen the Archers make the national media and achieve record listening figures. It is obviously an example of something the BBC does that is too popular.

An apology

In our May 1st issue we reported the activities of Borsetshire Morris Men. We regret the formulation and will use the correct term the ‘Borsetshire Morris’ in future.

Helen has pleaded not guilty

It’s a start, but bail has been denied and Pat having been tricked by Inspector Knacker is now a Prosecution Witness.

In other news

The Shepherd’s Hut continues to cause concern.

Peter Budge reports: What game is Josh playing with the pastured eggs. I have had no joy in finding anywhere that sells them in Crouch end despite the fact that that they are supposed to be “popular in london”‘

The Things They Say

‘My job is to make Shakespeare as interesting as The Archers’, Emma Rice, Artistic Director, The Globe Theatre.

‘We think in dynastic terms in The Archers’, departing Editor, Sean O’Connor (The Guardian 7th May)


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