The Ambridge Socialist: May Day issue

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The Ambridge Socialist

May 1st CONTACT KEITH FLETT 07803 167266

The real Borsetshire Echo: 60 years of class struggle in Ambridge

May Day issue


The Ambridge May Pole has once again been found and erected (worringly by Lynda Snell) and the Borchester Morris Men will perform a traditional Borsetshire dance with sticks. The BBC of course still makes no mention of the traditional Borsetshire May Day march which proceeds through Borchester each May 1st.

As usual this year Joe Grundy will lead the contingent from the Borsetshire Red Front under the slogan ‘Stuff the Archers,  All Power to the Peasants and Workers’

The May 5th Programme of the Borsetshire Red Front

Expropriate the Archers now (all of them)

Build a statue to the unknown farm labourer on Ambridge Village Green

Arrest Justin Eliott for tax evasion

Give speaking parts to all the non-speaking characters in the Archers. Give the voiceless, voices!

Put Titchener on trial now

In Other News

Pat and Tony have been to Court after Titchener & Ursual kidnapped Henry. They have got access one day a week which Titchener won’t give them

The Professor has been resisting Jazzer’s attempts to move back in to his refurbished dwelling but looks to be softening after the intervention of Saint Shula.


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