The Ambridge Socialist: who are the Ambridge Republicans?

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The Ambridge Socialist
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Who are the Ambridge Republicans?

Ambridge has embarked on another of its periods of grovelling to Royalty. Much was made of course of the recent ‘clean for the Queen’ activities in the village but HM’s 90th birthday will see an extended Forelock tugging exercise in Ambridge.

We already know that Lynda Snell and Bert Fry plan to open their new gardens to ‘celebrate’ the 90th birthday of Ms Windsor but we suspect this will turn out to be one of the less objectionable features of the Ambridge Royalty fest.
On 21st April at a meal to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday with the core Archers dynasty present a toast was, of course, raised to the other Elizabeth, the aforementioned Mrs Windsor.

Meanwhile the Ambridge Socialist has been searching out the Ambridge republicans. This small but principled group of people deserve recognition at such a difficult time.

The Professor: we know from the Royal Jubilee events in Ambridge in 2012 that Jim is a confirmed republican. Indeed he was labelled by the BBC at the time as a ‘republican and an anarchist’, though we are far from sure if he is actually a supporter of the shadowy ‘Archers Anarchists’

Jazzer: recently victimised and unfairly sacked by Tom Archer, Jazzer has a healthy dislike of authority including Royalty

Pat Archer: Pat has other matters on her mind currently, but she is thought to be a principled if, these days, quite low key republican

The Ambridge Socialist poil

In other news
Adam has mentioned profit at a Borsetshire Land Board meeting. Brian is in full agreement with the idea.
Lillian has been testing mattresses with Justin
Craft Beer in Ambridge will appear shortly


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