The Ambridge Socialist: Titchener, the early period

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The Ambridge Socialist

April 2015

Titchener: the early period


Below are edited extracts from Ambridge Socialist issues in 2013 which mention newly arrived farm manager Rob Titchener. We quickly spotted his homophobia and his early liaisons with Helen. Of his monsterism we were clearly as yet ignorant

The Ambridge Socialist February 3rd 2013

Who is Rob Titchener?

Rob Titchener is the newly employed lackey of Borsetshire Land who will in effect run the new mega-dairy. He appears to be interested in grass, which before the agri-business moved into Borsetshire was what cattle used to eat. Titchener has already had a meeting with David Archer but it was unclear whether any agreement was reached on matters of mutual interest….

The Ambridge Socialist June 16th 2013

In other news

Rob Titchener has invited Helen to a gourmet spinach lasagne meal he cooked. In the background played Elvis Costello’s Alison. What can it mean?

The Ambridge Socialist 21st July 2013

Rob Titchener revealed as a homophobe

Mega dairy man Rob has been revealed as a homophobe, making unacceptable comments about Ian. It seems unlikely that this will worry his employer Brian Aldridge but Chris Patten may expect a letter from Maria Miller.

The Ambridge Socialist 4th August 2013

Titchener disrupts Archer dynasty

In principle Helen’s extra-marital activities with Rob Titchener [no shower scene involved] are a useful counterweight to the decision of Jolene and Kenton to get married. The practical problem is that Titchener is an obnoxious homophobe. His reasons for trying to disrupt the Archer dynasty are as yet unclear but it must be close odds as to who goes first- Matt or Rob

The Ambridge Socialist 15th September 2013

Currently Helen Archer and Rob Titchener are having a liaison in some unlikely places, including a storage cupboard at the Mega-dairy.

The Ambridge Socialist 29th December 2013

Rob the Philanderer has decided to ‘divorce’ Jess and take up again with Helen. A new year job for David Archer



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