The Ambridge Socialist: Shula knows Titchener is violent. Will she tell the police?

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Shula knows Titchener is violent, will she tell the police?


Below is an extract from the Ambridge Socialist of February 2015. Understandbly Shula sought to protect the then partner of a fellow Archer, Titchener. Now Helen, is charged with attempted murder. It’s time for Shula to speak out

The BBC has reported that Shula aka ‘Saint Shula’ has lied to the police over the matter of Titchener and the hunt saboteur. Regular readers of The Ambridge Socialist will recall that Titchener started a fight with a protester and was questioned by PC ‘Knacker’ Burns. Shula was the only witness, and she clearly saw Titchener start the fight. How long will Shula’s conscience allow her to live a lie? Meanwhile ‘Knacker’ Burns has decided to take no further action over Titchener as he is, after all, living with an Archer.


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