Which island should David Cameron be off-shored to?

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Which Island should David Cameron be off-shored to?


According to the Panama Papers relating to the tax affairs of some of the rich and powerful in the world David Cameron’s father had a significant interest in offshore bank accounts. He was a private citizen so while we may have a view on this, that as it were, was that. Questions remain however about whether David Cameron benefited from these accounts. This is a matter of public interest, as he remains the Prime Minister. Indeed he said in 2011 that he would publish his tax returns. No doubt however he has been busy.

In the meantime perhaps one way of moving the matter forward would be to offshore David Cameron.

Here are some suggested locations:

Isle of Wight: Queen Victoria fled there when she thought the Chartists threatened revolution in 1848. King Charles 1st was held prisoner in Carisbrooke Castle in 1648 but escaped.

St Helena the British took Napoleon here in 1815 after his defeat at Waterloo. It is thought to be the most remote place in the world somewhere between South America and South Africa. However an airport is due to open this year..

Rockall: an uninhabited island in the North Atlantic. The nearest human life is in the Outer Hebrides. Cameron could live in an all-weather tent, provided he can fish

Devil’s Island. Established as a penal colony in 1854 by Napoleon 111, Dreyfus was held here though it currently houses French space programme buildings

Robben Island. Seven miles offshore from Cape Town. Notorious for housing Nelson Mandela

Alcatraz. Island in San Francisco Bay was a prison from 1934-1963. Now a tourist attraction

More possible island destinations for David Cameron here:



One Response to “Which island should David Cameron be off-shored to?”

  1. Don’t allow him to scuttle away to somewhere remote. He could be put in a cage on the island in the Ally Pally boating lake, where he could be kept under surveillance and humiliated.

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