Haringey trade unionists welcome minimum wage increase but press for living wage

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Haringey Trades Union Council

Press release 1st April contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Haringey Trade Unionists welcome minimum wage increase but press for living wage

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Haringey Trades Council has said that while the increase in the national minimum wage to £7.20 an hour on 1st April is welcome it is unlikely to do much to help less well-off people in work in the Borough.

The London Living Wage which calculated by the Greater London Authority has a higher rate of £9.40 for the Capital and applies to all workers over 18 (not 25 as the minimum wage does)

Many large employers in the private and public sectors already pay the London Living Wage.

The trade unionists say that the costs of living in a London Borough like Haringey, particularly housing, are such that even the London Living Wage is barely enough to lift people out of poverty.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, the Government had a mantra that work should pay. In essence this means that taxpayers should not subsidise employers who pay poverty wages. The fact that many responsible employers already pay the higher London Living Wage underlines that successful businesses understand they need well paid and motivated workforces to prosper. Poverty wages creates the reverse. A demoralised workforce who are demotivated.





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