As soon as this pub closes: CAMRA to revitalise

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As soon as this pub closes: CAMRA to revitalise


CAMRA is in the news, launching a revitalisation project to review what it does and decide if it should change.

It’s a democratic organisation so 50 meetings will be held around the UK and decisions will be taken by votes at the 2017 conference (this year’s conference is in Liverpool this weekend).

I discussed recently with Matt Black (a rather more youthful CAMRA than myself but still with a beard of course) why revitalisation was needed. After all, CAMRA has more members than ever and that wouldn’t normally cause a re-think in an organisation.

I haven’t seen membership by age figures but I suspect CAMRA is increasingly old (I’m 59 and joined in 1975).

Indeed that conversation was at Beavertown Brewery in Tottenham (which makes excellent craft beer but rarely ventures into cask) as I noted that while the brewery tap was packed with young people enjoying beer it was unlikely very many were CAMRA members or had even considered why they should join.

The revitalisation campaign then is useful to grapple with a changing beer industry and changing ways in which good beer is dispensed and drunk amongst other things.

The bottom line however remains that what, if anything, happens at the end will be decided not by the MD of a mega-brewery or a small group of the well-intentioned but by a democratic decision of voluntary activists.

So if you care about decent beer don’t moan or do nothing, get involved, in whatever way suits your circumstances



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