UHY Hacker Young craft beer report: turning rebellion into money (again)

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UHY Hacker Young Craft beer report: turning rebellion into money (again)

You may have been puzzled to read a brief piece in The Guardian (29.3) by Rob Davies about a rise in craft beer breweries in London and Wales. In fact this was a write up from a press release by the accountancy and consultancy network UHY Hacker Young

It’s not really clear why UHY Hacker Young comment on this issue (they have done so before). I had assumed they were market analysts. For those not aware about how market capitalism actually ‘works’ in part, many sectors have quite small numbers of analysts who look at how companies are doing and comment on them in the media and particularly on their share price. This shapes what is known as market ‘sentiment’. Some of the analysts know what they are on about and some don’t but their informed comment can be very influential.

Anyway UHY Hacker Young are not (as far as I can tell from their website, market analysts) and in any case very few if any of the breweries involved are listed.

I suspect that the comment on craft beer is partly because they have people who are keen on drinking on it and partly because they know it will get them publicity (like this..)

That said there is no reason to doubt the accuracy of the piece which is quite interesting in itself.

There is however quite a strong element of turning rebellion into money in it.

A lot of people who brew craft beer (at least those I know) do so primarily because they are interested in making beer. Of course if they are doing it professionally they need to make sure that their business actually makes money, otherwise quite aside from anything else people like us won’t get to drink the beer.

Does this involve entrepreneurship as the piece suggests? Probably it does but there is a nagging doubt that it is thinking about people who are exploiting a market to make money more than they are that interested in beer. If nevertheless they make good beer that is hardly an issue of course, but there is a tension there.

The piece also suggests that craft beer in London does well because there are lots of young-ish well paid professionals who can afford to drink it despite comparatively high prices. Again who could doubt it, but again that is hardly what the many who are in craft beer primarily for the beer are after surely.

Infuriating but interesting as Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In didn’t quite say.


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