So. Farewell then the print edition of the Independent

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So. Farewell then the print edition of the Independent


I subscribe to digital editions of the Guardian and the Financial Times and buy the Morning Star (for which I also write from time to time) but I’m sorry to see the end of the print edition of the Independent.

Having examined the requirements for being a digital subscriber in the Friday edition I doubt I will be bothered. They seem rather complicated compared to the one click process for the Guardian & FT (& indeed the Morning Star).

Still while I did not read the Independent every day (it’s a surprise to some I know but I remain in full time employment as a union officer) I certainly did read it when I had time.

The Indy was not a left-wing paper but it wasn’t, usually, a right-wing one either. In its early years its refusal to crap on about Royal stories was a welcome and distinctive feature.

Of course I wrote letters to the paper and they were published from time to time….

In the end the Indy struggled to find its niche, hence its (welcome) need to frequently innovate.

The decision to go on-line and digital only might be seen as the latest innovation.

Yet competition in the on-line world is intense and it appears that the paper does not recognise the NUJ in this area. Not a hallmark of quality journalism I’m afraid.

Take something of particular interest to myself, the letters page. In the print edition it had a particular space, easily found and read. Letters also appear on-line, if you can bothered to search for them (mostly you, as myself, can’t).

So I view the end of the print Independent not as progress but as a retreat.

I may not have agreed much with the Editorial line but democratic politics and debate is the poorer when a paper that can be looked at, scrutinised and left in a pub or on a bus for others, disappears on-line where you are very unlikely to stumble across it accidentally




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