.@beavertownbeer Bloody ‘Ell: the beard friendly test

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Beavertown Bloody ‘Ell 2016: the beard friendly test

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Bloody ‘Ell 2014-16

March 19th saw the launch of the 2016 version of Beavertown’s Bloody ‘Ell, a 7.2% blood orange ipa at the taproom in Tottenham and elsewhere.

I live very near the taproom so after attending the Stand Up to Racism demonstration to mark UN anti-racism day I wandered over to Tottenham Hale with my partner Megan Davies (& indeed my niece Menna) to give it a go.

Bloody ‘Ell is a standout beer and when it first appeared unique. There are some other blood orange beers around now but I suspect Beavertown were first (feel free to tell me I am entirely wrong).

The 2016 version seemed to me a little more balanced than previous years, that is a little less orange and a little more ipa.

That however is subjective. Comparing beer tastes from year to year (unless there has been a notable change in recipe or strength) is an imponderable.

The key test is how beard friendly 2016 Bloody Ell is. Here it scored highly after a beard marination suggesting that the beer is on a beard journey to hirsute perfection.

Still that’s just my view. The obvious point is to try it yourself before the season for blood oranges ends.


2 Responses to “.@beavertownbeer Bloody ‘Ell: the beard friendly test”

  1. As Kingsley Amis said: “If beer tasted like orange juice, we’d all have been dead long ago.”

  2. On that point Amis may have been right. Fortunately it doesnt taste much like orange juice

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