The Ambridge Socialist: Helen nails it on Titchener: ‘utter bastard’

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The Ambridge Socialist

13th March 2016

Helen nails it on Titchener: ‘utter bastard’


Rough Music

In an all too rare moment of resistance, Helen summed up Titchener on Friday as an ‘utter bastard’. He had suggested that she was unfit to have had Henry. He then hit her and locked himself in a room claiming he was upset.

Helen also demanded the eviction from the house of Titchener’s partner in abuse, his mother Ursula. Titchener claimed this would be offensive to her.

Of course master abuser Titchener was already planning his next move, claiming again that Helen was unwell and required psychiatric help.

The Guardian’s view of Titchener can be found here:

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, it is a powerfully scripted and acted narrative but it has come to dominate the Archers. Much of the remainder of the dialogue is currently played for much needed light relief.

The Titchener story would in some ways have been ideal for the Ambridge Extra series, were that still running.

Charivari: How Titcheners were dealt with in traditional village life

A charivari, also variously called a skimmington ride and riding the stang, is a historical folk custom expressing public disapproval of personal behavior.  Domestic violence was a common motive for a charivari.  A man who beat his wife in southern England early in the nineteenth century could awaken at night to a noisy crowd, dancing in a frenzy around a bonfire outside his door.  They would be “a motley assembly with hand-bells, gongs, cow-horns, whistles, tin kettles, rattles, bones, {and} frying-pans.”  An orator would identify the wife-beater’s house with a signal chant:

There is a man in this place

Has beat his wife!!

Has beat his wife!!

It is a very great shame and disgrace

To all who live in this place,

It is indeed upon my life!! [1]

Sometimes the crowd would carry an effigy of the targeted man to a substitute punishment, e.g. burning.  Sometimes the man who physically abused his wife would be abused by the community..


Ambridge Socialist poll: what term best describes Rob Titchener?

In Other News

According to Lynda Snell the creative process is organic

The curtains are being hung at the refurbished Village Hall










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