The Ambridge Socialist: poll shows most Ambridge residents WON’T ‘Clean for the Queen’

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The Ambridge Socialist

6th March 2016

Poll shows most Ambridge residents WONT ‘Clean for the Queen’


It is the first anniversary of the Great Flood of Ambridge and this weekend according to BBC reports selected toadies, bootlickers and worse have been taking part in something called ‘Clean for the Queen’.

This does not apparently refer to a particularly flamboyant member of the Borsetshire LGBT community but the monarch Ms Elizabeth Windsor.

The Ambridge Socialist normally ignores such Royal flimflam but on this occasion we believe that there are some things that need cleaning up in the environs of Ambridge.

One are various culverts that may have been blocked when a certain Titchener was manager at the now closed Berrow Farm.

The Ambridge Socialist ran a poll to discover the feelings of readers on the subject and the results are now in:

Cleaning for the Queen in Ambridge

Clean out the culverts 16.67%

Clean out Titchener 25%

God Bless You Ma’am 4.16%

Roll on the Red Republic of Borsetshire 54.17%

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, never mind the Royal toadies where is the BBC coverage of the majority who want a Red Republic in Borsetshire?


In Other News

Ursula’s contract has been extended










One Response to “The Ambridge Socialist: poll shows most Ambridge residents WON’T ‘Clean for the Queen’”

  1. It’s what you do after Puke For The Duke.

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