What Nigel Farage did not say on beards

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What Nigel Farage did not say on beards

UKIP leader Nigel Farage who is perpetually clean shaven is very probably a pogonophobe although as the equally perpetually hirsute Michael Rosen has pointed out to me, UKIP has some supporters with beards.

Accuracy on matters UKIP is not easy to achieve. The party itself is an unreliable guide and the BBC guided by the follicly challenged Nick Robinson isn’t much better.

However at the end of the week which saw a supposed quote from Farage about Muslims and beards to the effect that either the beard went or the wearer did and that beards should be no more than two inches in length achieve wide currency, a small attempt at accuracy can surely do no harm.

There is no absolute proof that Farage did not make these remarks. He has not denied them despite opportunities to do so

It is however very unlikely he did make them.

The Beard Liberation Front retweeted a Facebook photoshot of them with a statement that was carefully caveated to point to the murky nature of social media and an emphasis that the remarks were only alleged.

Farage was supposed to have made the remarks on Anglia Radio on 17th May. Anglia Radio does not exist but Anglian Radio, a group of commercial stations does. They, however, had no record of an appearance by Farage on that day.

There was another odd bit about the remarks pointed out by Islamophobia Watch.

Farage has made Islamophobic remarks in the past but in recent times he has played that aspect of UKIP policy down, presumably for tactical reasons. So that bit didn’t really ring true either.

That leaves the question of who did this and why.  It is possible it was a right-winger shit stirrer, possibly one that doesn’t like UKIP. Equally it might have been someone on the left making an understandable but ill conceived dig at Farage.

Either way it underlines an important point. Don’t believe what you read, particularly ,by the way, if it comes from either Nigel Farage or Nick Robinson


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    The great political question of the day is where precisely does UKIP stand on facial hair?

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