Haringey trade unionists pay tribute to Bob Crow, a great fighter for ordinary working people

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Haringey Trades Council

Press Release 11th March

c/o Union Office, St Ann ’s Hospital, St Ann ’s Rd, N15

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266;

Trades Unionists pay tribute to Bob Crow, a great fighter for ordinary working people

Haringey Trades Council, the local wing of the TUC covering North London, has paid tribute to Bob Crow, the RMT General Secretary whose untimely death has been announced, as a great fighter for ordinary working people.

Bob Crow was a delegate to Haringey TUC in the 1980s as a young trade union activist on the London Underground and never forgot his links to the north-east London labour movement, speaking down the years at Haringey TUC meetings and events.

The trade unionists say that the RMT leader will be remembered in the local labour movement as someone who had principles, stuck to them and fought for them to the benefit of the people he represented

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said Bob Crow’s death is untimely and a sad loss not just to the labour movement but to British public life. While he rose to become probably the most famous Union leader of his generation he never forgot his roots. He was always willing to help out Trades Councils, and he was happy speaking to a meeting of a few activists if helped to get things organised as much as to a big rally




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