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The Ambridge Socialist

 The real Borsetshire Echo: 60 years of class struggle in Ambridge

 3rd Feb 2013 contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

 Is Beer too expensive in The Bull?

The BBC reported this week that the price of a pint of Shires bitter in The Bull is now £3.40. That may be fine for the likes of Brian Aldridge, Matt Crawford and David Archer, although only the last actually drinks it, but Ambridge is a low wage economy. Existing figures suggest that the average price of a pint of beer in Borsetshire, Wetherspoons in Felpersham aside, is around £2.80/£2.90. Is Ambridge really worth the extra 50p? Is it perhaps because The Bull is now the only pub in the village? How can a poor person stand such times and live? Additional reporting by Hazel Potter

Archer threatens legal action

After last week’s Ambridge Socialist expose of what is actually in Tom Archer sausages, he used twitter to threaten the publication with legal action. So far we have received no contact from his lawyers. However this week Archer told listeners to Radio 4’s The Archers, that he was planning to take the sausage business to the ‘next stage’. He did not say what this might be but we expect a contract with David Archer for more badger meat. Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said if Archer sues us we’ll be launching a StuffTomArcher fund to defend the action

Who is Rob Titchener?

Rob Titchener is the newly employed lackey of Borsetshire Land who will in effect run the new mega-dairy. He appears to be interested in grass, which before the agri-business moved into Borsetshire was what cattle used to eat. Titchener has already had a meeting with David Archer but it was unclear whether any agreement was reached on matters of mutual interest….

In Other News

Alice is surfing Canada on the interweb. Chris is concerned. Is there somewhere more boring than Ambridge?

The Professor has been writing some ‘vacuous trivia’ for Borsetshire Life. Soon he too will be going to the next stage- writing scripts for the BBC’s Archers programme




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